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Founded by a team of young, dynamic, and highly qualified professionals in the educational and administrative fields, the Global Edge School is one of the leading schools in the world. At Global Edge School, CBSE faculty members have excellent experience teaching. 

In addition to a school curriculum promoting creative thinking and holistic development, the school is equipped with an infrastructure of global standards. As an educational institution, we provide our students with the best academics and curricular and co-curricular activities. To create a truly outstanding school, we strive to provide students with an excellent education to contribute positively to society and the world.

Why Choose Global Edge School?

Student Leadership Development

We have an active Student Council that is involved in tackling various concerns of the student body. Students are presented with opportunities to develop their leadership, self-discipline, and teamwork skills while they work with other students and the faculty.

Global Citizenship

We ensure that students will be ready to become global citizens. Activity-based learning and a self-development approach ensure they get similar competitive advantages in skills.

Right Values

We nurture an ethos of compassion, tolerance, diversity, self-esteem and a sense of belonging and leadership, besides academic excellence. This ensures that students grow up to be bright, confident adults and morally responsible citizens.

Want to give your child more than just education?

The child is the center of the teaching-learning process. Various teaching tools are employed to keep the flame of curiosity burning bright in our students. Every learning style and every type of learner is catered to and taken care of, thereby resulting in a stress-free learning environment.

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They can visit the campus security office with a valid photo ID to get their student ID card.

All our teachers hold relevant degrees and certifications in their subject areas. Additionally, they undergo continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest educational practices.

Our health and wellness programs include regular physical education classes, mental health support through our school counselor, healthy meal options in the cafeteria, and wellness workshops for students.

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