Academic Principles

Scheduling and time table principles

  • Integrating extracurriculars into the daily routine.
  • Every day core subjects and weekly twice games, yoga, art and weekly once hobbies.

Well Designed Lesson Plans

At GES- Kukatpally, teachers are well versed in developing their own innovative lesson plans and resources for teaching various disciplines and plan the course based on the learning needs of their students. They are trained through internal workshops in creating lesson plans and resources for teaching.

Digital Learning

GES- Kukatpally firmly believes that ICT plays a catalytic role in enhancing learning in classroom and beyond. ICT is instrumental in the process of integrating technology into educational activities. The use of ICT in education adds value to teaching and learning by enhancing the effectiveness of learning. Therefore, we provide ICT training to our students from as early as Grade I. Thus,we demonstrate that effective and embedded use of ICT transcends the knowledge-based learning agenda.

Assessments with Feedback

GES- Kukatpally comprehensively evaluates and assess all aspects of a student’s development on a continuous basis throughout the year. The assessment covers both scholastic subjects as well as co-scholastic areas such as performance in sports, art, music, dance,drama, and other cultural activities and social qualities. The assessment comes with detailed feedback on improvement areas and recommended learning pathway for each student.

How Teaching Differs

We are a tightly knit family where each and every child is looked after with utmost care and affection. At GES – Kukatpally an opportune environment has been established to foster holistic development of every child.