Delegates from Central Michigan University

A Rendezvous with Excellence

The Global Edge School was honored and very proud to act host to a team of eminent professors from the Central Michigan University (U.S.A) The team was headed by Dr. Roger Coles (Interim Dean of College of Graduate Studies). The other distinguished members of the team were Nana A. Korsah (Director of Master of Science in Administration Program), Mr. Robert Hassen (Coordinator of Graduate Recruiting; College of Graduate Studies) and Ms. Melissa Brun (Assistant Director International Programs) The team from Central Michigan University (U.S.A) had come to The Global Edge School to interact with the pupils and to pave the pathway for future student and teacher exchange programs. All the esteemed professors were extremely impressed by the communication skills of the Global Edgers. They were floored by the knowledge, awareness levels, confidence, warmth and the charm of the pupils. The Global Edge Family and the CMU team are very hopeful of a long term association with each other resulting in some very progressive and fruitful student and teacher exchange programs. It was very motivating to hear from them that the pupils of The Global Edge School would fare very well in any of the American Universities including Central Michigan University One hopes to see more of such eminent professors visiting the school and paving the way for further studies for the pupils.

Delegates from Central Michigan University visits The Global Edge School

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